Bobath Therapy (NDT Bobath)

The Bobath Concept is an important approach to rehabilitation in the care of patients with injuries to the brain. It strives to appropriately and adequately stress the central nervous and muscular systems such that an individual creates, maintains, and reinforces the sensorimotor pathways to enable efficient motor control in their desired environment. It is based on the brain’s ability to reorganize and recover after neurological insult (neuroplasticity).

Antoni receives private Bobath therapy twice a week. NHS only provides one session a month.
Kasia does daily exercises with Antoni.


Vojta Therapy is a medical technique based on the principle of reflex locomotion stimulated by precisely defined trigger zones on the body of a patient. It is suitable for babies, children and adults; it is an effective treatment and prevention of motion disorders. It is used for the treatment of developmental delays, cerebral palsy, post-traumatic states, after CVA, scoliosis etc.

Antoni had a Voyta session bi-weekly with a private therapist; Kasia was doing it daily. Currently we stopped using this method.

Sensory integration

Sensory Integration is the process by which the brain takes in and interprets information about the body and its surroundings. This information is then used to control and organize the body.

It refers to the skills & performance in developing & coordinating sensory input, motor control & sensory feedback in a smooth process. More specifically, sensory integration is the organization of sensory input for use. The use may be a perception of the body or the world, a response adapted to the environment, a learning process, or the development of some cognitive function.

Through sensory integration, the many parts of the brain work together so that a person can interact with the environment effectively & experience appropriate achievement in daily activities.

It involves how effectively & efficiently a person is able to process sensory information from the tactile [touch], vestibular [movement sense], proprioceptive [body position sense], visual [looking], auditory [hearing], olfactory [smell], & gustatory [taste] systems.

Sensory integration is that part of the life process involving the organization & use of sensory information before birth & throughout life.

We are incorporating elements of sensory therapy into our daily routine. Whenever possible Antoś travels to Wrocław for blocks of sensory integration therapy with Justyna (@ sensi).

Speech and Language Therapy

Makaton is a language programme using signs and symbols to help people communicate. It is designed to support spoken language and the signs and symbols are used with speech in spoken word order.
We try to use Makaton in daily activities with Antoś.


It is a form of physical, occupational and speech therapy in which a therapist uses the characteristic movements of a horse to provide carefully graded motor and sensory input. A foundation is established to improve neurological function and sensory processing, which can be generalized to a wide range of daily activities. Unlike therapeutic horseback riding (where specific riding skills are taught), the movement of the horse is a means to a treatment goal when utilizing hippotherapy as a treatment strategy.

Antos had an opportunity to participate in the hippotherapy during the therapy camp. He liked it very much, and we are hoping he will have many more opportunities to explore horseback riding in the future.