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Antibodies revisited

After two years without giving Antoni antibodies, after his constantly running nose, ear infections and other discomforts resulting from immunodeficiency, we turned to immunology again to discuss it.

In the summer we have repeated the tests for antibody levels. They turned out to be below norm again. For starters, the doctor proposed a continuous antibiotic therapy.

After two months we know it’s not working for Antoni. Diarrhea, crying, lack of concentration – even worse than usual. On top of that, …

red and hot

The first three vaccines are behind us. Two passed without problems . Following the third, Antoni’s arm became red and hot to touch (it’s been three days since the shot). Is it something that we should be worried about?

These are the first vaccines for Antoni . In early childhood he was diagnosed with hypogammaglobulinemia , low levels of best affair sex site antibodies. For several years he was given antibodies artificially and he could not have any vaccinations. With

autumn update

We haven’t updated our blog in a while. Below is a short update on what happened over the last few weeks: Mid-August – Antoni returned from Poland with his Dad. Now that Dad is back in the UK, Antoni is very happy! They have time for day trips, visiting stay and play, attending birthday parties and doing funny things! September 13th – First day at mount hood web cam the Polish nursery (Saturdays only), in the new location. …


Antoni has hypogammaglobulinaemia, which means there are low levels of immunoglobulins (also known as antibodies) in his body. These are part of the immune system which is the body’s defence against infection. Antoni has been on replacement therapy (infusions) since he was very little (less than one year old).

(Interestingly, according to experts at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference 2012 in Vancouver, the immune therapy Gammagard – which Antoni is receiving – is the first long-term treatment shown to halt

More dietary changes?

The latest blood tests showed that Antoni has significant zinc deficiency (50%). He is also deficient in calcium, folic acid, iron and iodine.

Unfortunately, any dietary supplementation for Antoni is very difficult. He cannot eat wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs or soya. He is also allergic to most vitamin products.

Antoni’s multiple allergies are probably a result of hypogammaglobulinemia, or the lack of IgA antibodies. He had had a severe gut infection in the early childhood and ever since he is …

movie night with Daddy

Every other Friday it is the MOVIE NIGHT for Antoś and his Dad. Lucky boys get to watch the TV for about two hours! Wow:)

This is also time when Antoni gets his IgG infusion.

It all together takes about two hours. We need to insert a needle on each thigh, connect the pumps and run the infusion. We need to watch Antoni closely for any side effects. If anything happens we follow procedure to make sure he will be …

not so easy day for Antoś

Antoni during the subcutaneous immunoglobulin infusion

Today (20 Jan 2012) Antoś spent the day at GOS hospital. It was his third subcutaneous infusion of immunoglobulins.

Antoni has an immune deficiency, which means that his body is not able to fight infections. For Antoni any infection can potentially be life threatening. He needs to have immunoglobulins, also known as antibodies, introduced into his system on regular basis.

Until December 2011, every 3 weeks Antoś was going to hospital for an …

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