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Proud Sunday

Just in few days Antoni will turn … 7!

Every night before bed Antoni needs to drink formula, to prevent his blood sugar level from dropping below safe levels. After Antoni took a bath, I went to the kitchen to prepare the feed, and what do I see when I come back? My (almost) 7 year old lying in bed and … independently reading kid’s magazine.

Two years ago Antoni started his education in English special school. Amongst many reasons …

who is bilingual

2016-04-16-klasa0B-8 Although being born with Kabuki Syndrome brings a lot of challenges, you can read the recent assessment here, we think he is doing quite well by managing two schools. Antoni is attending UK Special Education School during the week and Polish Saturday School

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Psychological Assessment

Below is Antoni’s psychological assessment, which we have recently received in Poland. It is very accurately reflecting Antoni’s current abilities.

General information:

Antoni is 5 years and 9 months old, he is fluently bilingual. Antoni was diagnosed with Kabuki syndrome, which symptoms include, among others: the characteristic dysmorphic facial features and hands, excessive joint flexibility, reduced muscle tone, hearing loss in the low to moderate, myopia and astigmatism, gastro-oesophageal reflux, loss of lordosis, growth hormone deficiency, hypoglycemia, hypospadias, hypogammaglobulinemia and …

New School

Antoni’s settlement into the new school wasn’t easy. He was used to the old nursery, he knew his teachers there, he felt comfortable among the children who liked him and accepted him. Also, the nursery was only 3 hours. In the first few days in new school it seemed Antoni has settled in well. But after the first week his schoolbus assistant went on a sick leave, Antoni got an ear infection, and the kids in his class behaved differently …

First day in school

fishhhh... yummy

ready for schoolAfter busy vacations, which included time away in Poland, Antoni returned to school. “Returned” might be a wrong word, as he started a new school. Not only that, it is further away from home, so he is going to go by a school bus every day.

We were a bit concerned about Antoni yesterday. He had a bad experience with a couple of rowdy kids in Poland, and became scared of strangers again, mostly kids with bikes and scooters. With …

End of Year School Report

2015 Antoni Szymczak End of Year Report

Please click on the link above for full report, including pictures! :-)

Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

Antoni made a slow start settling back into Nursery this school year, being unwell in Autumn Term and having to get used to new staff, hearing aids and glasses. He has made terrific progress since then and is extremely sociable and chatty with all class staff now. He is starting to assert himself, make his wishes better …

I am sorry. This is rubbish.

At home we try to speak Polish with Antoni and usually he plays along. Sometimes he would talk to himself in English during play, or use English word if he does not know the Polish equivalent.

We are playing with Antoni (conversation in Polish): I draw shapes on paper and apply glue; Antoni sticks pieces of colourful tissue paper inside the shapes. The tissue sticks to his hands and clothes. Antoni tries to remove the glue and tissue off his …

autumn update

We haven’t updated our blog in a while. Below is a short update on what happened over the last few weeks: Mid-August – Antoni returned from Poland with his Dad. Now that Dad is back in the UK, Antoni is very happy! They have time for day trips, visiting stay and play, attending birthday parties and doing funny things! September 13th – First day at mount hood web cam the Polish nursery (Saturdays only), in the new location. …

at Książ castle

Yesterday Antoni visited Książ – the third biggest castle in Poland. Here are some pictures:

z Babcia Teresa i Wujkiem Wojtkiem na tle zamku
with Grandma Teresa and Uncle Wojtek, the castle at the backdrop
książę wita Książ
The prince welcomes Książ
ogniomistrz Antek
Fire Marshall Antoni
oglądanie zamkowych zbiorów
Watching Princess Daisy
z tatą
with Daddy
the castle

looking for toys to use in therapy

We are looking for second hand toys for Antoni to use in speech and language therapy.
He has a new therapist who is very keen to work with Antoś and has loads of ideas to implement at home and nursery.

And no, it’s not that NHS finally gave Antoni much needed support – as usual, we pay for it privately!

As you already know the therapy is expensive, so we would like to save by getting second hand toys that …

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