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Antoni in numbers

We have been very quiet on this page recently. However, we kept ourselves busy – during the last 6 months  Antoni was:

  • 4 times admitted to A&E
  • 10 times unwell and seen by GP (does not include times when he is unwell but we were able to cope with it at home)
  • 4 times reviewed by paediatrician
  • 14 times seen by another specialist in major hospital (including ENT, urology, gastroenterology, etc.)
  • 2 times reviewed by local specialists (podiatry, physiotherapy)
  • 1

why NHS is failing Antoni again

Antoni has spent his half-term break in Poland. He was glad to see Grandma and his uncles and got spoiled with gifts from the family.

While there, Antoni was seen by several doctors and therapists. We were concerned about his health issues for some time, and it turns out that Antoni has been suffering from chronic ear infection, overgrown tonsils/adenoids, and also his postural problems worsened (misaligned pelvis, scoliosis). Unfortunately, we felt like over five years ago, when Antoni’s …

Little Celebrity

Today Antoni was at Great Ormond Street Hospital for three appointments – endocrinology in the morning, then 90-minute assessment by educational psychologist, then an ultrasound of bladder and kidneys. Long day in the hospital, but at least the appointments are coordinated – better than three days in a row… and naughty online webcams less climbing up and down the crowded stairs while commuting.
Besides the appointments, we chanced who is lucy liu dating upon a Summer Fayre at GOSH.

new glasses

Antoni has a new nickname – the Professor. It is all because of the corrective glasses that he started to wear recently. No major dramas so far and he seems to be tolerating them, not as the hearing aids that were fitted at the end of summer.
Antoni has several problems with his vision … myopia (shortsightedness), astigmatism and suspected macular pathway dysfunction. Hopefully the new glasses will eliminate some of the difficulties. We are not sure if Antoni’s difficulty …

more fish

A bit of a progress in Antoni’s speech; he starts to say individual words, slowly and still unclearly. We spent the whole day at Great Ormond Street Hospital yesterday. Antoni had to undertaker is dating routine visits and a blood test – a lot of blood was needed. Unfortunately, it was extremely stressful for both of us. How can we explain to Antoni that these tests are necessary and they won’t hurt that much? Since we had a lot of …

I guess milking the cow is not my thing ….

I don’t really like writing about sad (difficult) things in Antoni’s life. He is such a lovely and happy child, but struggle is a great part of his being.

Last week Antoni had to have his routine (every 8 weeks) blood tests done. We went to children’s hospital to do that. They have very experienced staff who is used to dealing with children like Antoni. It was very exhausting and unsuccessful day. After several attempts, Antoni left with bruises on …

busy boy

Another busy week for busy boy Antoś. Yesterday Antoni visited a dentist for live webcams in cuneo italy his check-up.
Today he saw endocrinologist and ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat doctor). There were no major issues this time, apart from difficulty to get Antoni checked by the doctors.
He developed such a phobia of doctors and nurses that he gets hysterical every time they try to approach him.
The good news is that the definition of a dating relationship there …

Audiology appointment

lucky boy

Today (12 March) Antoś had his hearing test done again. The results came better than previously (since birth Antoni has had significant hearing loss). That means no hearing aids or grommets for now! He will still require intensive speech and language therapy. Congrats, you did well today! :)

house demolition by Antoni

Antoś @ Barnet General Hospital, waiting to be seen by the doctor ...

Antoś spends a big part of his life in hospitals, attending doctor appointments or in therapy. But occasionally we do manage to escape the routine and visit friends …
here is Antoni quietly playing in the hospital …

and here is Antoni demolishing our friend’s house … :)

visiting Ania

Antoni will soon be 19 months. He is not walking yet. He is still crawling and cruising along …

an easy day for Antoś

Today Antoni visited his pediatrician for a regular review.

It went relatively smooth. We have taken up only three appointment slots, instead of allocated one.
Antoni left with only one referral for ultrasound and one urine test. He was also referred to only one specialist at GOSH. I guess there are not many left to refer him to, since he is already under eleven. OMG, I just counted them and realized it went up from eight when I last …

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