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Prime Minister

Antoni asks me out of the blue: Do you know what “Prime Minister” is?
me: well, do YOU know  what “Prime Minister” is?
A: I know.
me: so, what is it?
A: It is too difficult, you would not understand.
me: Well, maybe you can try.
A: No, I would be 15 years old by the time I’m finished explaining it to you.

10 min later, Antoni randomly comes up to me  and says: well, first is voting and …

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trip to the beach

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Antoni in numbers

We have been very quiet on this page recently. However, we kept ourselves busy – during the last 6 months  Antoni was:

  • 4 times admitted to A&E
  • 10 times unwell and seen by GP (does not include times when he is unwell but we were able to cope with it at home)
  • 4 times reviewed by paediatrician
  • 14 times seen by another specialist in major hospital (including ENT, urology, gastroenterology, etc.)
  • 2 times reviewed by local specialists (podiatry, physiotherapy)
  • 1


(Polski) Prosimy o przekazanie 1% od Waszego podatku



Christmas is around the corner …

May the spirit of Christmas bring all our friends and their families hope, happiness and love. Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year!

We didn’t realise how quickly the last months of 2016 have passed. They were filled with Antoni’s medical appointments and hospital stays. Unfortunately, with time left we only managed to send cards to immediate family. Thank you for all the wishes we have received from you!

Our last blog entry was about Antoni’s first …

1% for Antoni in 2016

This post is available only in Polish.…


Day 1



therapy camp started


Antibodies revisited

After two years without giving Antoni antibodies, after his constantly running nose, ear infections and other discomforts resulting from immunodeficiency, we turned to immunology again to discuss it.

In the summer we have repeated the tests for antibody levels. They turned out to be below norm again. For starters, the doctor proposed a continuous antibiotic therapy.

After two months we know it’s not working for Antoni. Diarrhea, crying, lack of concentration – even worse than usual. On top of that, …


Mum’s musings

It has been six years since Antoni was born and this blog was started. In the beginning, the blog was to thank those who supported and helped us. We did not have much time for individual contact with each of you, but wanted you to know what is going on.

After six years Antoni does not have the peg anymore, sleeps well through most nights (and so do we); he speaks and communicates his needs (to some extend), he walks, …