We would like to thank to all those who helped us… financially, emotionally, physically, and those who keep helping us to deal with the daily problems.

    • Many thanks to the doctors and nurses from Gromkowski Hospital in Wroclaw (former Korczak) for saving Antoni’s life and for a great dedication;
    • dr A.J. from GOSH for listening to Mum and taking up Antoni’s case
    • JT Software for creating this website and continuous help and support
    • Maja for a multidimensional support
    • fan club from Wroclaw for positive vibes
    • all donors to Antoni’s DreamBank account; those who paid into Antoni’s Słoneczko fund account
    • Grandma T for patience, advice and night watch
    • uncle W for looking after Antoś
    • Justyna for the therapy (Sensi – Sensory Therapy practice in Wrocław)

To all those who did more than expected from them, left no stone unturned, talked, gave advice, kept asking, finding out, sent info, contacts and links, did the fund-raising, created little angel dolls, provided positive energy, cooked dinners, helped out in the hospital, gave presents, stood up to the receptionists and proposed creative solutions.