Proud Sunday


Just in few days Antoni will turn … 7!

Every night before bed Antoni needs to drink formula, to prevent his blood sugar level from dropping below safe levels. After Antoni took a bath, I went to the kitchen to prepare the feed, and what do I see when I come back? My (almost) 7 year old lying in bed and … independently reading kid’s magazine.

Two years ago Antoni started his education in English special school. Amongst many reasons for transferring him from mainstream education to special school were inability to focus and working in a group, very delayed fine motor skills (he does not draw, write, does not know how to properly hold a spoon or a fork, and more), delayed speech (still not many people can understand Antoni), delay in social skills … the list goes on.

Despite all those challenges, with right support and hard work, Antoni is doing quite well … he is being promoted from year to year in English school. In addition to English school, he attends Polish Saturday School, and we also follow home schooling program according to on-line program for Polish ex-pats (Libratus).

On Sunday Antoni sat an exam to progress to another year of on-line Polish School. We would like to proudly say that Antoni successfully passed this exam and he was promoted to the next year!

The teachers at Libratus were very nice and supportive and they did their best to accommodate Antoni’s needs so he could take same exam as all other (mainstream) children. The tests covered knowledge of Polish, English, mathematics, general knowledge and computer skills. They assessed that Antoni knowledge of both languages is brilliant, he can speak and read in Polish and English, he is doing great in maths and he has  broad vocabulary. During the exam he needed some help with circling responses (his fine motor skills are still far behind his peers), his speech was not clear (due to challenges with his apparatus, not due to lack of knowledge) and he also needs to improve his computer skills (again this is due to fine motor skills, it is difficult to operate a mouse when your hand cannot even hold a pen). However all those challenges did not stop Antoni to be a fluently bilingual 7-year-old, who reads, counts and talks like any other child his age!

We would like to thank again all those of you who support Antoni’s fund at Słoneczko and enable us to take Antoni to the camps  where he can benefit from so much needed therapy. We would also like to thank all others who help in many different ways (Grandmothers, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins). Without you Antoni’s success would not be possible!

We encourage you to contact us via Skype, WhatsApp, phone or visit in person to congratulate Antoni his achievements and also wish him Happy Birthday which will be on Monday.


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    • Lovely to see you both as well and very impressed with Jenny’s new shapes!!! I am so impressed, I could not achieve that:)


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