Antoni in numbers


We have been very quiet on this page recently. However, we kept ourselves busy – during the last 6 months  Antoni was:

  • 4 times admitted to A&E
  • 10 times unwell and seen by GP (does not include times when he is unwell but we were able to cope with it at home)
  • 4 times reviewed by paediatrician
  • 14 times seen by another specialist in major hospital (including ENT, urology, gastroenterology, etc.)
  • 2 times reviewed by local specialists (podiatry, physiotherapy)
  • 1 time admitted and hospitalized for a week
  • 8 times prescribed antibiotics to fight off infections
  • 1 time given a week of IV antibiotic treatment
  • approx. (lost count) 22 times seen by private therapist (OT, speech and language, music therapy)
  • 1 time travelled to therapy camp

In addition to that, we had 7 meetings regarding his education/care at school he attends, dozens of phone calls every week, and home therapy plans we try to follow in whatever time we have still left after work (gainful employment).


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